Butterfly Eggs for Sale in Fort WorthIn the butterfly business eggs or caterpillars are often shipped to customers who want to watch the butterfly life cycle through the caterpillar stage to the chrysalis and adult stages. When we ship we include fresh host plant cuttings with eggs and for caterpillars to feed on during shipping.

We use and recommend FLOSpacs to keep hostplant cuttings fresh and clean. Other methods are messy and promote mold and bacterial growth which may weaken your eggs or caterpillars to the point of illness or death.

FLOSpacs are a prefilled collapsible plastic sachet with a polyethylene foam seal across the top. The flower stem end is pushed through the foam seal into the fluid preventing leakage.

FLOSpac sachets were originally developed and are still used by growers exporting flowers worldwide. The problems associated with using plastic vials: the hassle of capping and filling, the damage caused in packing, and the limitations on the free uptake of water by the flower were intolerable. FLOSpacs solved the problems and add many advantages.

The advantages of the FLOSpac sachets are:

(1) FLOSpacs are economical and easy to use.

(2) FLOSpacs are prefilled with filtered water with a small amount of flower-friendly bacticide added.

(3) One sachet can be used for one stem up to 10mm thick or for multiple thinner stems.

(4) As water is taken up the sachet collapses so that there is no air bubble or vacuum that may restrict the uptake of fluid by the flower.

(5) FLOSpacs are flexible, they do not damage flowers in packing.

(6) FLOSpacs look good and demonstrate to customers a commitment to quality.

FLOSpacs maintain host plant quality and promote clean, healthful conditions during shipping. FLOSpacs can also be used for neat and clean short-term display where caterpillars are displayed on host plant cuttings.

This great product has been difficult to find in the past and we are excited to be able to bring it to you here in the United States!

FLOSpacs for Sale in Texas




Box of 500 FLOSpac sachets


Smaller quantities on request.

Please contact us to order.