Monarch Eggs, Larvae, & Chrysalises

Take a hands-on approach to learning about nature in all its glory. Big Tree Butterflies is happy to supply butterfly eggs, larvae, and chrysalises for classrooms and research use in and around Houston, Texas, as well as all states east of the Continental Divide (except Montana). We ship these butterflies and caterpillars straight from our butterfly farm to your location.

Watching and learning about the life cycle of these amazing butterflies and caterpillars provides a great lesson for students of all ages. The butterfly life cycle teaches individuals just how incredible butterflies truly are.

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Monarch Butterfly Eggs for Sale in TX

Monarch Butterfly Eggs

$27.00 – set of 18

After mating, the monarch butterfly lays her pinhead-sized eggs one at a time on a suitable milkweed host plant leaf. The number of days before hatching depends on the temperature, but is usually around a week.
Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars for Sale in TX

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars

$15.00: Large – set of three

$10.50: Medium – set of three


When the monarch egg hatches, a tiny caterpillar emerges and immediately eats its own eggshell. After that, it begins to eat milkweed leaves. Because caterpillar skin cannot grow, its skin is shed when the caterpillar grows too large. Caterpillars eat a lot of milkweed, particularly during the later stages (instars). You must have live, healthy, and pesticide-free milkweed available for your caterpillars to feed on when they arrive.

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalises

$7.50 each

$7.00 each for 12

$6.50 each for 24

$6.00 each for 48

When the caterpillar sheds its skin the fifth time, it turns into a chrysalis. In this stage, body parts are rearranged and completely developed into the adult form. At the end of pupation, the adult monarch butterfly emerges, and pumps up its wings with fluid stored in the abdomen. The butterfly’s wings dry and harden within a few hours, after which it is ready to fly away and repeat the complete life cycle.

Because of the nature of the monarch butterfly life cycle, please let us know what your butterfly needs are at least 5 – 6 weeks before your event is scheduled. We will accommodate rush orders if we can.