Live Butterfly Releases for Your Event

Witness the splendor of releasing a stunning collection of beautiful live butterflies at your wedding, party, or special event, courtesy of Big Tree Butterflies! Our farm-raised Monarch butterflies create the perfect and memorable addition to your event planning.

We also help teachers educate curious students by supplying eggs, larvae, and chrysalises for classroom rearing.

To order in states east of the Continental Divide (excluding Montana), contact us today! Let Big Tree Butterflies transform your classroom, wedding, or special event into a unique experience with live Monarch butterflies.

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Big Tree Butterflies provides the best in customer service for whatever you are celebrating.

Release live monarch butterflies for that extra special touch on your extra special day.

Use Your Imagination!!

Big Tree Butterflies is a proud member of the Association for Butterflies (AFB):

The AFB is dedicated to helping butterfly farmers and butterfly breeders through education, providing courses, mentoring and programs to ensure higher quality raising and shipping standards, how to have a successful butterfly release, and how to aid butterfly conservation. The AFB has assisted in research on safe shipping boxes, ice packs, and methods to transport butterflies for conservatories, butterfly exhibits, research facilities, and individuals. The AFB also helps build awareness about butterflies and how loss of habitat, urban development, and excess pesticide use has contributed to butterfly declines.

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